About J&G Security

Founded by Joann and George Blackmon, J&G Security started as Gate Guards from humble, but hard-working beginnings in November of 1995.

Back then, it was just one trailer and a generator on a single oil drilling site in South Texas. Since then, J&G Security has grown to become a preferred provider of on-site security for over 50 companies throughout Texas and Louisiana.

About Oil Gates Site Security Equipment

With an influx of capital, implementation of new ideas and new technologies, and a core focus on customer satisfaction, J&G Security continues to grow. We are a licensed and insured multi-site operation providing:

  • Uninterrupted, 24 Hour Multiple Gate Entry Access Control

  • Enforcement of Site-Specific Rules

  • Short-Term or Long-Term Services – we’re there for the duration of the project

  • Entry Logs and Documentation

Our long service to the oil and gas industry has taught us that what is good for our clients is good for us. We tailor our security services to the need of each individual client while always placing a priority on speed and efficiency.

Our goal is to quickly deliver comprehensive security services –as they are needed– so that our clients save time and money. Our efficiency allows us to provide the best value of any Oil and Gas Guard Company in the Southwest.