How to Find the Best Gate Guard Services for Oilfields, Mines and More

Companies seeking security services for oil & gas platforms and construction areas often value low price above the quality of services. What they don’t take into account is that billions of dollars are lost every year due to theft and damage resulting from low-quality security services at industrial facilities across the nation. In fact,  the numbers show that the money saved on low-cost security services is outweighed by the money lost due to the impact of hiring unprofessional security services. This article will help you understand the benefits of hiring a professional gate guard services for remote locations such as Mines and Oilfields, so you can make the best financial decision for your business.

  • Industrial Theft is on the Rise 

Industrial premises are prime targets for professional thieves. Professional thieves know very well that at the end of every workday there are millions of dollars worth of material left unattended on most industrial sites. They also know that industrial sites tend to be poorly guarded by very few security guards that are often unfocused on protecting the premise once the employees leave the premise for the evening. Compared to robbing a home industrial sites are much easier targets and have many more vulnerabilities and fewer risks attached.

  • Professional Gate Guard Services aid in Loss Reduction

Therefore it is highly recommended to hire a professional and reliable provider of gate guard services with a stellar reputation, reasonable rates, and professional service. A professional gate guard company can set up perimeter defenses to quickly detect breaches in security and at the same time control entry and exit points to ensure that no materials are stolen, lost or damaged.  Using a trusted gate guard security company greatly reduced unnecessary expenses and losses related to theft, damage and missing materials.

  • Lessen the Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies require an assurance that a certain level of security measures have been put in place prior to issuing insurance to a potential customer. By using a reputable gate guarding service, companies can reduce their insurance premiums and therefore save additional money. Always make sure to be fully equipped with the right security team before visiting your chosen insurer, since this is a perfect way to lower premiums while improving security at the same time.

  • Minimized Gate Guards Supervision

Companies often report that dealing with internal security and gate services can be an unwieldy burden since security services need to operate 24/7 and cannot afford to have a sick or late employee jeopardize the entire security of the company. Working with small private firms can also be a hard task due to scheduling and bandwidth issues. Therefore it is highly recommended to work with an established company that has decades of experience in security personnel deployment and planning. A professional gate guard service provider has the ability to supervise the entire deployment of security services across the premises and provide you with detailed real-time information and reports.

  • Competent Response to all Types of Emergencies

Every industrial premise has its own set of possible emergencies and risks. Owners of construction areas and oilfields must have a professional and well-trained gate guards who can handle all the possible emergencies that may occur. With the rising rates of accidents, terrorism, and robberies, it is highly recommended to hire a fully-trained gate guard company that is specifically trained in dealing with industrial emergencies.

  • Professional Gate Guards that go the Extra Mile

Once you have a motivated and well-trained gate guard services, you can be sure that your business will benefit from the additional security, control, and supervision. Gate guard services can handle entry and exit responsibilities at the entrances as well as perimeter defense and security breaches. Make sure that your gate guards are well-trained, professional and can protect your company from unnecessary risk, damage, and theft.

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