Oil and Gas Security Services in Texas

On-location protection for oil and gas pipeline construction areas. Hire J&G Security.

During a normal busy workday, it can be difficult for regular employees to oversee something as vast as security on top of their regular tasks. Managing potential threats and risks is a job that’s best left to professional oil & gas security companies like J&G Security. We’ve made our name in protecting drilling sites since 1995, expanding to service locations in Texas and Louisiana.

The oilfield industry has no shortage of criminal elements waiting to take advantage of lax security at sites. But asking your personnel to do double duty as security staff leaves gaping holes in your protection. It will also affect production schedules; when you assign a task, it usually does not get done.

J&G provides a team of experienced security personnel to patrol your property, ready to be deployed within 24 hours, which is especially handy for short-notice requests. J&G Security also offers a complete surveillance tech package that’s sourced from multiple vendors for impressive flexibility.

In addition to professional gate guards and round-the-clock surveillance, J&G Security lets you monitor events on-site through our proprietary mobile app. Available in Desktop and Mobile versions, the J&G Security App provides real-time information on everyone who comes and goes through your premises.

Invest in a dedicated oil & gas security contractor who can provide the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Get in touch with us today.

When you assign everyone to perform a task, it usually does not get done.