Protect, Connect & Optimize

In today’s technology world it can be very easy to choose an off the shelf product. At J&G Security our experience is in sitting down with clients and first determining the exact needs, and operational requirements of the organization. We then locate, recommend and deploy the correct solution for long term trouble free use.

There are hundreds of security equipment manufacturers with hundreds of products. Let us guide you to the right choice, the first time.  After 25 years in the security service industry, we understand what works best in the real world.

Get peace of mind with top-of-the-line, professional security technology services provided by J&G — the company trusted by over 6 million people to protect their land and businesses.

Our Mission

To provide solutions that are cost effective, user friendly, easy to use and manage.  We understand you are not a ‘security expert’ so our systems are designed for the everyday business user.