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Security for Landowners – Securing Your Site

Matthew Lloyd / Bloomberg

In October 2013, Greenpeace started a campaign encouraging U.K. landowners to use trespass laws to block exploration of potential sites for fracking. According to Bloomberg News, "The group says drilling horizontally under people’s land — a technique widely used in shale production — is illegal unless the property owner gives permission."

The article further states:

"There’s no doubt the breadth and depth of fracking opposition across England is proving problematic for the government and the industry,” said Greenpeace energy campaigner Leila Deen. “Anti-fracking groups are very switched on, very well-networked and prepared to use a range of means to stop fracking, including legal.”

Security for Landowners

As much as owners and operators of oil and gas fields need to be concerned for the security of their sites, the security for landowners of private property is increasingly becoming an issue. Emma Bissett, an associate in the energy and natural resources team at Squire Sanders LLP in Leeds, England, stated that companies wishing to drill on a piece of land need to obtain consent from landowners or follow the statutory process for compulsory acquisition of the rights. Otherwise, they are acting unlawfully.

Although this is currently happening in England, it's something to take note of in the United States. If your company has obtained the proper consent, but you may still have concerns about opposition by environmental or anti-fracking organizations, you may want to consider hiring our gate guard services for added security.

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