Gate-Guard Security for Remote Locations

Location Security for anyone, anywhere

Protect Your Oilfield, Construction Site and More with Professional Gate Guard Services

We can serve anyone, anytime, anywhere, and adjust our service to meet your specific needs.

With gate guards on call at all times, we can deploy a team with as little as 24 hours.

We work with multiple vendors to provide the most complete surveillance for your location.

Manage your project and security remotely with our proprietary app.

Professional Security for Remote Locations: Oilfield, Construction Sites, and More

J&G Security is an innovative company specializing in Oilfield Security. We provide on-site 24/7 security guards and offer cloud-based security solutions that are easy to install and manage remotely.

We offer a variety of services that can help you protect your business and its assets, including onsite guards, access control systems, video surveillance equipment and more. We will work with you to design a comprehensive security plan that meets your specific needs at an affordable price point.

We utilize modern technology to safeguard your site and help you stay on top of any security situations that may arise through J&G Security’s Desktop and Mobile App. The app provides real-time information that identifies who’s going in and out of your premises — all accessible through an online portal for optimal convenience.

 J&G Security: Your Eyes on the Ground

J&G Security provides a cost-effective solution to security challenges faced by businesses operating in remote areas. Our mobile security teams are comprised of former military, police officers, first responders and workampers who have been trained to use the latest technology tools to protect your business from intruders, vandalism and theft. 

With J&G Security you gain access to a team of experts who will help you design and implement your customized system, as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance. Our services include 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals, real-time remote surveillance cameras, smart-lock technology, digital video recording (DVR), alarm notifications via text or email, thermal imaging cameras (FLIR) for nighttime monitoring. We offer top of the line services & equipment at affordable prices with superior client support. We provide 24/7 surveillance with rapid response times at affordable rates that work for any budget.

By working directly with us rather than through an agency or third-party company, you can ensure that your site’s security is designed around the unique needs of your property and employees. Our highly trained staff members have years of experience in this industry and we offer 24/7 service so our customers know what is happening on-site at all times. Call today for a free consultation.


Contract Opportunities

We are always looking for security personnel for our on-site projects and office staff. Some of our current opportunities include:

  • Gate Guard Services Contractor
  • Office Staff
  • Field Staff Contractors

If you are hard-working, self-motivated, and interested in joining a fun team in an exciting position, check out all of our contract opportunities and apply today.