On-Site Gate Guard Services in Texas

In considering onsite gate guard services, businesses should examine their own security needs closely, and design a model that meets their needs, rather than accepting a generic plan that does not reflect their site’s needs. Sites in remote locations with unsecured perimeters will want to strongly consider our live-in guard service, that maintains space onsite in which guards stay for several days at a time. J&G guarantees development of invested personnel who are constantly available to respond.

Gate guards require businesses to examine their security needs more closely. However, they ultimately provide a more cost efficient and protective means of ensuring security of all types of remote locations.

J&G Security is your one-stop-shop for customizable on-site gate guard and location security. We specialize in remote security for oil & gas, construction zones, energy fields, and everything in between.

The J&G Security Advantage


We can serve anyone, anytime, anywhere, and adjust our service to meet your specific needs.


With gate guards on call at all times, we can deploy a team with as little as 24 hours.


We work with multiple vendors to provide the most complete surveillance for your location.


Manage your project and security remotely with our proprietary app.

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“J&G Security is the best in the business. The Welder Exploration & Production team has utilized the services of J&G Security for many years, and we know J&G Security as and honest, punctual, thorough, and exceedingly professional organization. We look forward to many more years of working together.”

Raymond H. Welder, CEO of Welder Exploration & Production, Inc.