On-Site Rural Security in Texas.

An emerging threat in Texas and is aimed at remote ranches that are easy targets. Many of them are far from help, widely traversed and easy to access with multiple points of entry – factors that make it difficult to catch would-be criminals in the act.

Why ranches? Ranches are chock full of material that someone else wants. Some thieves are interested in stealing animals or farm equipment, while others are looking for chemicals with which they can make drugs or bombs. J&G Security guarantees total asset protection in rural areas.

Our on-location security services are available in Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas.


Protect Your Ranch with J&G Security

Rural Areas in Texas and Louisiana

Ranch owners have responded in many ways, including adding surveillance cameras and attempting to restrict access to monitored entrances and exits, but these solutions can be easy for criminals to bypass. A more comprehensive option would be to have on-location security for these ranches.

On-location security means ranches would have security personnel and customized security plans available on site, whether it be in Austin, San Antonio, or Louisiana. These plans often include gate guards and additional private, on-location services.

Why On-Location Security Works

The benefit of private guards on remote locations is the human response. Having security personnel available who act when a threat presents itself and who work to identify such threats frees up ranch owners and workers to do their jobs. Instead of just monitoring a situation as it unfolds, J&G Security acts to neutralize the threat to the ranch and keep the location safe until law enforcement arrives.

Our private guards are trained to notice suspicious activity that others would miss. Hiring J&G Security allows ranchers the peace of mind that their ranch’s safety is in expert hands. Ranches with on-location guards report significantly fewer incidences of theft, vandalism, and threats to their locations. Even the mere presence of our security personnel acts as a deterrent for potential criminals who prefer to target more vulnerable locations.

Customized Security Plans

Each oil and gas, pipeline construction area has its own set of specific characteristics. You might be concerned about political protests, juveniles, or vagrants damaging expensive equipment. Equipment can be very expensive to replace. Unfortunately, your machines might be broken and you might not even know it. Sensitive readings might be inaccurate. Customized oil & gas security plans are available to keep your location secure.

J&G’s benefit of human response and expertise make on-location security for rural areas in Texas and Louisiana the most comprehensive way to protect your holdings.