Security Services for Solar and Wind Farms in Texas and Louisiana

As the debate about the causes of global warming rages, power companies and private corporations in Austin, Texas and Louisiana are looking more and more at investing in renewable energy facilities. With fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas being targeted as the main contributors to global warming, solar and wind farms appear to be most the logical power replacement sources. Solar farms are best situated in remote dry desert locations with maximum sunlight. Wind farms with hundreds of giant wind turbines many require hundreds of square miles to operate in.

The need for remote locations far away from people poses an immediate problem. How do you keep these remote facilities secure?

J&G Security is your solution.


On-Location Security for Wind Farms Available Too

J&G Security Serves Farms in Texas and Louisiana

Theft and sabotage are inherent dangers to both wind and solar farms. Solar farms are already experiencing the theft of expensive solar panels. No one is going to steal a wind turbine, but vandalism and terrorist sabotage are always possible.

Security companies depend on cameras, listening devices, and even drones for much of their surveillance work. When it comes to protecting remote facilities, however, all of these systems need the support of on-site guards.

Without on-location guards who can react instantly to any intrusion, these facilities are only half secure. By the time security cameras detect intruders and police agencies are notified, the damage will probably have already occurred and the perpetrators… long gone.

There is no substitute for trained guards who are willing to serve in desolate,
remote areas to provide protection. J&G Security works in Austin, San Antonio,
Corpus Christ Texas and Louisiana.