Professional Security Services in the Eagle Ford Shale Area

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Texas has seen a steady growth in shale oil production particularly in the southern part of the state. Much of the Texas shale oil reserves stretch along the Western Gulf Basin encompassing what is known as the Austin Chalk, a very rich source of hydrocarbons producing, in addition to shale, natural gas.

In the case of the Eagle Ford Shale Company this natural reserve includes approximately thirty counties and cities south of San Antonio like Gonzales, Gillet, Cuero, Shiner, Kennedy, Charlotte, Karnes City, Carrizo Springs, and Fowlerton.

Oilfield Security Guards in Texas

Private surveillance for the Eagle Ford Shale area from J&G Security.

The boom in shale production is viewed as a great opportunity to supply power for the energy needs of the country. It has resulted in the creation of countless new jobs in the area to meet this increase in drilling volume. Security concerns have grown as well and shale companies are answering the call for more safety and responsibility for their workers and businesses by contracting with professional security providers.

What to Look for in Security and Solutions

Shale oil is accessed by hydraulic fractioning, or fracking, a method requiring high-tech and expensive equipment. The specialized drilling equipment is a large investment for shale companies and needs secure protection.

J&G Security works up front and behind the scenes. On the front lines, we train and vet gate guards and utilize surveillance systems. One reason close supervision of traffic around many drilling sires is important is because many locations are close to established routes of drug cartels so an excellent and reliable surveillance system is a must to provide workers with a secure environment.

Security Services in the Eagle Ford Shale Area
A good security service will recommend contractors and employees only after they pass thorough background checks and fingerprinting and will also be current on up-to-date technology like HD surveillance systems that operate on self-sufficient energy sources to provide video that can be viewed anywhere — no matter the distance.

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