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Professional Security for Remote Locations: Oilfields, Mines, and More

Maintaining security in remote locations, such as construction areas, oilfields, and rail or agricultural hubs is an ongoing challenge for businesses working under tight budgets. Furthermore, while the use of high-tech video surveillance equipment has become widespread in recent years, it still proves to be quite an expensive option. Protecting expensive equipment and materials from theft and vandalism is required, therefore, the top security guard companies provide the best gate guard services.

As technology use has expanded, other security professionals have looked for ways to leverage it to reduce security costs. Unfortunately, what many have discovered is that this expensive equipment does not provide the protection needed. At J&G we handle surveillance with the highest diligence. Our security guards are trained to make critical judgment decisions at a moment’s notice.

J&G Security: Your Eyes on the Ground

Particularly in remote locations, businesses are turning to onsite security professionals to protect their employees and assets. J&G Security, one of Texas’s top security guard companies, offers an immediate response to onsite incidents from fires to break-in attempts. While a surveillance system can, at most, alert you to a problem, a gate guard can go to the location, investigate, and escalate as needed.

J&G Security specializes in providing on-site gate guard services in Texas, which are fully customizable to suit your location and project needs. Urgency is our business, so our team of gate guards can be ready for deployment within 24 hours. We provide Texas professional security services for oil and gas facilities, construction sites, ranches, wind and solar farms, and more.

We utilize modern technology to safeguard your site and help you stay on top of any security situations that may arise through J&G Security’s Desktop and Mobile App. The app provides real-time information that identifies who’s going in and out of your premises — all accessible through an online portal for optimal convenience.

As one of the most experienced security guard companies, we can solve the problem without direct leadership engagement, saving time and other valuable resources.

  • Specializing in on-site, remote-location security services

  • Fully customized operation for your project and location

  • On call availability – ready to deploy at a moment’s notice

  • 20 years of on-location security experience

Contract Opportunities

We are always looking for security personnel for our on-site projects and office staff.

Some of our current opportunities include:

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Office Staff

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